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Feature Request

  • [JBJCA-704] - Allow the registration of a listener for Datasource connection events
  • [JBJCA-990] - TestConnection override with CRI and Subject
  • [JBJCA-1010] - Addition of the 4470 FATAL error for the DB2 ExceptionSorter


  • [JBJCA-907] - Eclipse plugin: Avoid adding config property value for ActivationSpec in resource adapter version 1.5
  • [JBJCA-973] - Wrong proceeding of Icon elements in @Connector annotations
  • [JBJCA-974] - Wrong proceeding of version element in @Connector annotations
  • [JBJCA-975] - Wrong (@Connector transactionSupport level + an empty Connector) merging result
  • [JBJCA-976] - Wrong (annotated @Connector resourceadapter class + an empty Connector) merging result
  • [JBJCA-978] - Values of @SecurityPermission's description annotation don't propagate to the resulting Connector
  • [JBJCA-979] - @ConfigProperty annotation type should be equal both property field type and type of setter method parameter
  • [JBJCA-1004] - Subject / security domain overrides null values from CRI for a datasource with allow-multiple-users
  • [JBJCA-1005] - SemaphoreArrayListManagedConnectionPool should FIFO
  • [JBJCA-1006] - isSameRmOverride doesn't take effect
  • [JBJCA-1008] - cannot be surrounded with a try-catch block which catches a general Throwable
  • [JBJCA-1009] - delistResource never called
  • [JBJCA-1011] - Any ';' characters should be replaced by '\n' for XA datasource properties
  • [JBJCA-1021] - Fully qualified class name should be used for logger
  • [JBJCA-1025] - Prefill scheduled too early for new connections
  • [JBJCA-1026] - Sort methods based on visibility
  • [JBJCA-1027] - Resources referenced from classloader not released
  • [JBJCA-1028] - Wrong UserTransaction instance used in callback
  • [JBJCA-1034] - -ra.xml deployment not unregistered from MDR
  • [JBJCA-1037] - Memory leak in HandlerServer



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