Release Notes - IronJacamar - Version 1.1.0.Alpha1 - HTML format


  • [JBJCA-596] - Parsing of ra.xml fails if there is no network connection
  • [JBJCA-597] - Incorrect verification of WorkContexts
  • [JBJCA-599] - Deadlock in the JDBC adapter
  • [JBJCA-628] - EntirePool doesn't clean up
  • [JBJCA-629] - AvailableCount incorrect
  • [JBJCA-635] - Wrong classloader used for plugins
  • [JBJCA-638] - ActivationSpec config-property map not updated with introspected properties
  • [JBJCA-639] - XSD: background-validation-minutes
  • [JBJCA-640] - Verify objects before casting
  • [JBJCA-641] - Too eager configuration of resource adapter components
  • [JBJCA-643] - Datasources subsystem outputs XML that does not confirm to the schema
  • [JBJCA-653] - Partial activation (ironjacamar.xml)
  • [JBJCA-656] - Double registration of connection factory fails
  • [JBJCA-658] - config-property overrides not working in all cases



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