Release Notes - RESTEasy - Version 4.4.1.Final - Text format


  • [RESTEASY-828] - Issue with injected ServletContext in Resteasy/SpringMVC setup
  • [RESTEASY-2240] - Client Proxy/MP-Rest-Client fails when sending an empty ByteArrayInputStream
  • [RESTEASY-2393] - Missing executor service shutdown
  • [RESTEASY-2404] - Spring Web's @RestControllerAdvice can lead to CCE
  • [RESTEASY-2405] - Spring Web doesn't support wildcards
  • [RESTEASY-2408] - NPE when ConfigSource is not available


  • [RESTEASY-2402] - ClientConfiguration should return immutable sets

Component Upgrade


  • [RESTEASY-2400] - UnmodifiableMultivaluedMap: delegate toString
  • [RESTEASY-2409] - Allow async interceptor invocation with MP REST Client

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