Release Notes - RESTEasy - Version 3.6.1.Final - HTML format


  • [RESTEASY-1708] - JAX-RS name binding annotation on Application hidden by Weld proxy
  • [RESTEASY-1725] - Registering lambda context resolver results in ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
  • [RESTEASY-1813] - With Java 9 'accessExternalDTD' is disabled causing SecureProcessingTests to fail
  • [RESTEASY-1863] - SseEventSourceImpl should not close http engine
  • [RESTEASY-1922] - ResteasyServletInitializer should ignore client proxy interfaces
  • [RESTEASY-1930] - VariantAcceptTest and NullEntityProxyTest failing with JSON-B instead of Jackson2
  • [RESTEASY-1932] - If proxy gets an entity but a ClientResponseFilter throws an Exception, Resteasy should close connection
  • [RESTEASY-1933] - ObjectWriterModifier should not rely on ThreadLocal
  • [RESTEASY-1934] - ResteasyProviderFactory testsuite leaks
  • [RESTEASY-1946] - Tests fail when using the security.manager and wfly13 jdk-8 an jdk-9
  • [RESTEASY-1950] - OnComplete callback registered via SseEventSource.register() must be called once
  • [RESTEASY-1951] - Introduce EE7 backward portability switch for "request matching to literal path"
  • [RESTEASY-1960] - Cleanup testsuite org.jboss.logging.annotations.Message$Format warnings.
  • [RESTEASY-1961] - update security-legacy/keystone/keystone-core/ org.jboss.logging version
  • [RESTEASY-1963] - ContextTest.testForward fails when running with security.manager
  • [RESTEASY-1964] - SecureProcessingTest and SecureProcessing2Test fails when running with security.manager
  • [RESTEASY-1965] - RxObservableSSECompatibilityTest fails when running with the security.manager
  • [RESTEASY-1966] - CustomExceptionMapperTest fails when running with the security.manager
  • [RESTEASY-1969] - Update jboss-jaxrs-api_2.1_spec reference to version 1.0.1.Final
  • [RESTEASY-1980] - NullEntityProxyTest fails with json-binding provider



  • [RESTEASY-1941] - Typo: SseEventSourceImpl.setAlwasyReconnect
  • [RESTEASY-1943] - Async filter resume with exception issues
  • [RESTEASY-1975] - org.jboss.resteasy.test.cdi.basic.CDIResourceTest needs rewrite

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