Release Notes - RESTEasy - Version 2.3.5.Final - HTML format

Feature Request


  • [RESTEASY-396] - Unable to inject contextual data of type:
  • [RESTEASY-727] - AJAX-Client: Array form parameter is sent as single merged value
  • [RESTEASY-729] - Wrong encoding of matrix parameter
  • [RESTEASY-731] - AJAX-Client: parameters are not added for values 0, false, etc.
  • [RESTEASY-736] - Async timeout is not set on the AsyncContext in Servlet3AsyncHttpRequest created by HttpServlet30Dispatcher
  • [RESTEASY-737] - injected PathSegment encoded/decoded switched around.
  • [RESTEASY-741] - InputStreamProvider not closing stream in writeTo
  • [RESTEASY-744] - Bugs because of misusing concurrent collections
  • [RESTEASY-747] - Generic Return Types don't work with Java Proxy
  • [RESTEASY-748] - Multiple Providers from different web applications not picked up by CDI
  • [RESTEASY-752] - Duplicate response after async response timeout
  • [RESTEASY-753] - Async timeout returns a 200 instead of 503 http response code
  • [RESTEASY-756] - Client Framework does not handle parameter lists correctly
  • [RESTEASY-759] - RESTEasy Documentation - Code Snippet for Shared Interface Between Client and Server with Abstract Response incorrect
  • [RESTEASY-760] - @FormParam does not work with PUT method when a Query param is present
  • [RESTEASY-761] - JAXB Context incomplete in AtomFeedProvider


Component Upgrade


  • [RESTEASY-633] - RESTEasy ClientInvoker throws generic RuntimeExceptions
  • [RESTEASY-735] - URI after enabling Content negotiation ( is non-intuitive

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