Release Notes - RESTEasy - Version 2.3-beta-1 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [RESTEASY-547] - SMIME Support
  • [RESTEASY-589] - Handle sub-resource locator methods in client proxies
  • [RESTEASY-597] - Add ability to pass in classloader for ProxyFactory to use when generating proxies
  • [RESTEASY-598] - Upgrade to Jackson 1.8.5


  • [RESTEASY-566] - MockHttpRequest returns invalid UriInfo object
  • [RESTEASY-574] - MultivaluedMap not filled in PUT method because of too restrictive condition
  • [RESTEASY-575] - ClientResponseFailure not thrown for 401 response
  • [RESTEASY-581] - @GZIP annotation prevents setting HTTP headers in MessageBodyWriter
  • [RESTEASY-584] - Cannot register StringParameterUnmarshaller in ProviderFactory
  • [RESTEASY-587] - IllegalArgumentException when a template parameter value contains a dollar sign
  • [RESTEASY-591] - Client request invoked via a ClientProxy built by ProxyFactory corrupts string parameters
  • [RESTEASY-593] - Doco error for embedded container
  • [RESTEASY-596] - subresources with jax-rs annos on superclass's interfaces


  • [RESTEASY-572] - InternalDispatcher builds corrupt UriInfo on forward

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