Release Notes - Portlet Bridge - Version 3.3.0.Alpha1 - HTML format


  • [PBR-514] - RichFaces dynamic accordion is not working
  • [PBR-515] - Unable to start Atmosphere in portlet


  • [PBR-468] - Remove fixes when StateContext AddRemoveListener is no longer retained on UIViewRoot
  • [PBR-482] - Create CDI example portlet that uses DeltaSpike
  • [PBR-517] - Initial investigation into JSF 2.2 support
  • [PBR-531] - Update to JBoss Parent POM 11
  • [PBR-532] - Restructure test profiles to be separate modules
  • [PBR-533] - Fix Cloudbees auto build
  • [PBR-534] - Update Checkstyle to provide reporting in mvn:site and run against all modules
  • [PBR-536] - Modify testsuite structure to better enable IDE testing
  • [PBR-538] - Add missing information to pom



  • [PBR-530] - Add test container profile for wildfly

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