Release Notes - JSFUnit - Version JSFUnit.2.0.0.Beta2 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [JSFUNIT-272] - Upgrade Arquillian integration to 1.0.0.Alpha5
  • [JSFUNIT-273] - Support Servlet 2.5 WebArchive in Arquillian integration
  • [JSFUNIT-274] - Make the JSFUnit enhancements independent of CDI


  • [JSFUNIT-269] - IllegalArgumentException: Pack must be specified
  • [JSFUNIT-277] - JSFUnitHttpRequest is not caching enough. Causes StackOverflow.
  • [JSFUNIT-287] - Fix failing Cactus/Cargo tests.


  • [JSFUNIT-271] - Update log4j dependency
  • [JSFUNIT-276] - Fully remove all CDI dependencies
  • [JSFUNIT-280] - Fix Maven deprecation warnings
  • [JSFUNIT-281] - Upgrade jsunit-arquillian integration to run with arquillian CR1 SPI version
  • [JSFUNIT-283] - Update Build to reflect new SCM Location at GitHub
  • [JSFUNIT-288] - Configure maven-release-plugin to automate release process
  • [JSFUNIT-289] - Create a README file explaining how to config authentication for tests in arquillian example hellojsf.

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