Release Notes - RichFaces - Version 4.2.2.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [RF-11294] - Log: implement console mode
  • [RF-12010] - ecss hot reloading
  • [RF-12196] - remove the height in the msg.ecss for rf-msg and rf-msgs


  • [RF-10839] - tooltip: attachment using target not works if tooltip defined before the component to which it attaches.
  • [RF-11370] - Metamer: rich:toolTip: targetted example causes NPE for some IDs
  • [RF-11821] - RF4 extendedDataTable rowClasses not working in lazyloading of rows as it was working in Richfaces3.3.3.Final
  • [RF-11970] - Ajax event create exception on form submission when defined on dataTable inside that form
  • [RF-11994] - Xcss2EcssConverter error handling f:importResource
  • [RF-12084] - Richfaces 4.2 <a4j:ajax> when inside <ui:fragment> dont work and causes 'identifier resolved to null'
  • [RF-12103] - onmouse events dont working on rich:notifyMessage
  • [RF-12154] - richValidator: @disabled=true throws exception
  • [RF-12167] - rich:extendedDatatable - onbeforeselectionchange is wrongly evaluated
  • [RF-12172] - JBoss AS 7.1.2 no longer bundles the w3c.css.sac modulebb
  • [RF-12197] - rich:tooltip incorrect VDL documenation or incorrect implemenation
  • [RF-12198] - rich:tooltip does not work inside a4j:commandButton
  • [RF-12199] - rich:tooltip does not work inside h:graphicImage
  • [RF-12227] - push to mobile devices broken in the kitchensink-rf quickstart
  • [RF-12237] - Kitchensink archetype missing in richfaces distribution zip


  • [RF-12140] - Upgrade from 10.x to 11.x
  • [RF-12180] - Migrate the RF-12103 fix to 4.2 branch

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