Release Notes - JBoss Transaction Manager - Version 5.10.6.Final - HTML format


  • [JBTM-3289] - Allow LRA method execution when for closed LRA when the LRA is nested and the participant is already registered
  • [JBTM-3308] - Some TCK tests pass but leave the LRAs in not finished state
  • [JBTM-3318] - TckRecoveryTests#testCancelWhenParticipantIsUnavailable fails on CI
  • [JBTM-3320] - LRA forget calls for nested completed participants are not repeated and do not close the LRA
  • [JBTM-3321] - The REST-AT inbound bridge provider wrongly uses the customer priority
  • [JBTM-3322] - Quickstart shell scripts should consider MFACTOR for any used timeout
  • [JBTM-3323] - LRA server filter is registered twice
  • [JBTM-3324] - Fix the findings of the static code analysis by Coverity
  • [JBTM-3326] - Nested participant AfterLRA call in complete scenario should be postponed until the parent LRA completes/compensates
  • [JBTM-3328] - Possibly unneccessary logging on XA endAssociation
  • [JBTM-3334] - Fix XTS quickstart to compile WFLY 20 quickstarts correctly
  • [JBTM-3335] - Upgrade jca + tomcat quickstart (org.jboss.narayana.quickstarts:jca-and-tomcat)
  • [JBTM-3337] - Narayana startup fails when empty system property is provided
  • [JBTM-3341] - Failed LRA is not kept in FailedTo* state in the object store
  • [JBTM-3345] - XA_RB* not an error when from end(TMFAIL)
  • [JBTM-3346] - Journal store file count grows unbounded
  • [JBTM-3350] - Upgrade jca + hibernate quickstart (org.jboss.narayana.quickstarts:jca-and-hibernate)
  • [JBTM-3351] - clearHeuristic management operation should clear participant's heuristic flag as well as it clears the transaction heuristic flag


  • [JBTM-3327] - Update Quarkus to 1.5.0.Final


  • [JBTM-3304] - Performance comparison with Atomikos may loop forever
  • [JBTM-3311] - JMH upgrade and code refactor
  • [JBTM-3332] - Add constructor to HornetqObjectStoreAdaptor to support named bean lookup.
  • [JBTM-3333] - Use Artemis object store in the ArjuraJTA/object_store quickstart.
  • [JBTM-3336] - CORBA classes are missing in the ArjunaJTS/standalone quickstart when executed using JDK>=11.
  • [JBTM-3352] - Remove "effectivellyActive" and deprecated status endpoints from the LRA Coordinator API

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