Release Notes - JBoss Transaction Manager - Version 5.10.5.Final - HTML format

Quality Risk

  • [JBTM-3236] - Upgrade to latest byteman release


  • [JBTM-3132] - Common parent maven module for Narayana quickstarts
  • [JBTM-3246] - Support MP transaction context propagation for async calls for CDI
  • [JBTM-3247] - Failed LRA records are reported but they not kept
  • [JBTM-3258] - Add checkstyle rules to the narayana performance repo
  • [JBTM-3273] - Avoid implementing InvocationHandler in jtaLogger
  • [JBTM-3276] - add SlotStore ObjectStore implementation
  • [JBTM-3302] - New PR job text should include our policy on running checkstyle
  • [JBTM-3315] - RecoveryDriver should offer methods for verbose scan


  • [JBTM-3088] - NPE in Recovery Manager
  • [JBTM-3103] - LRA api-particpant quickstart needs aligning with the latest MP LRA spec changes
  • [JBTM-3122] - jbosstm/quickstarts tests can't be run with jdk9+
  • [JBTM-3137] - Too much variance in the performance PR checker
  • [JBTM-3155] - Remove implementation of LRAManagement
  • [JBTM-3158] - jta-and-hibernate-standalone Narayana quickstart will not execute properly - EntityExistsException
  • [JBTM-3204] - Upgrade LRA TCK recovery handling to accommodate specification changes
  • [JBTM-3217] - Take Compensate and Complete timeout information from the LRA annotation in the same class
  • [JBTM-3221] - Refactor NarayanaLRARecovery according to the specification upgrades
  • [JBTM-3227] - LRA branch TckTests#TestForget is failing on our CI infrastructure
  • [JBTM-3229] - Allow to enlist AfterLRA listeners after the LRA enters the ending phase
  • [JBTM-3238] - Coordinator#completeNestedLRA and Coordinator#compensateNestedLRA should return ParticipantStatus
  • [JBTM-3239] - Failing AfterLRA participant calls are not repeated with recovery module
  • [JBTM-3257] - On recovery scan the NullPointerException can be thrown when client side exits prior DONE is delivered from server
  • [JBTM-3259] - Race condition on terminating recovery manager and socket call when scanning is underway
  • [JBTM-3262] - improve string serialization
  • [JBTM-3263] - Quickstart ArjunaJTS/interop works only on Narayana CI
  • [JBTM-3264] - Quickstart XTS SSL quickstart infests the source directory with temporary testing files
  • [JBTM-3265] - Failing LRA test FailingParticipantCallsIT#testFailingAfterLRA
  • [JBTM-3267] - Narayana quickstarts should be possible to be compiled without need to define any specific env variable needed for testing
  • [JBTM-3268] - Narayana can't be built on JDK9
  • [JBTM-3269] - Make Narayana commit markable resource quickstart working with JDK9+
  • [JBTM-3270] - Rollback of inbound REST-AT transaction causes warning message being printed under server.log
  • [JBTM-3271] - javadoc error when building with JDK11
  • [JBTM-3272] - The test for reading old records should only run against filesystem stores
  • [JBTM-3274] - Narayana quickstarts can't be built on CI as IPv4 is not forced
  • [JBTM-3275] - Quickstart XTS SSL quickstart may be stuck when container is not started at time
  • [JBTM-3277] - LRA quickstarts fail on Narayana AMS CI with curl could not find the target server
  • [JBTM-3278] - Require that LRA method must be combined with Compensate or AfterLRA (LRA issue 272)
  • [JBTM-3280] - Some LRA TCK tests fail on CI
  • [JBTM-3281] - Forget should be called for nested participant when the parent LRA is closed
  • [JBTM-3282] - LRA quickstarts lra-examples wrongly re-compile coordinator
  • [JBTM-3283] - LRA TckRecoveryTests used with -Dit.test fails with IllegalArgumentException: Cannot parse java VM arguments
  • [JBTM-3284] - TckRecoveryTests are failing
  • [JBTM-3286] - LRA coordinator isn't exposing OpenAPI definitions
  • [JBTM-3287] - ThornTail LRA coordinator cannot start
  • [JBTM-3290] - ArjunaJTS/interop/glassfish fails on CI with Process exited with an error: 1
  • [JBTM-3293] - LRA coordinator jar cannot be deployed on WildFly
  • [JBTM-3295] - LRACDIExtension returns null as class name when @LRA annotated class does not contain Compensate or AfterLRA
  • [JBTM-3301] - Adjust the Narayana Tomcat quickstarts to use the JWS integration and for working on JDK11
  • [JBTM-3305] - Quickstart transactionaldriver-standalone module throws an exception when build with JDK11
  • [JBTM-3306] - Quickstart jca-and-tomcat with JDK11, missing some maven dependencies
  • [JBTM-3310] - getFailedLRAs reports LRAs which are not in failed states
  • [JBTM-3312] - After LRA notifications can keep the LRA in Active state
  • [JBTM-3313] - FailedLRAIT tests in basic testsuite fail
  • [JBTM-3316] - Change the LRA TCK tests to use timeout factor instead of delays
  • [JBTM-3317] - Narayana does not build on JDK11 on javadoc failure on missing smallrye dependency


  • [JBTM-3163] - AfterLRA notifications are delivered twice
  • [JBTM-3235] - Performance regression tests should consult the "Score Error" before reporting regressions
  • [JBTM-3261] - Merge LRA branch to the master branch
  • [JBTM-3291] - LRA quickstart needs to work with the latest Eclipse MicroProfile LRA spec
  • [JBTM-3319] - Use LRA microprofile version of 1.0-M1

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