Release Notes - JBoss Transaction Manager - Version 5.10.0.Final - HTML format


  • [JBTM-3214] - Add a BeanPopulator method to directly provide a config bean


  • [JBTM-2867] - Investigate un-_workList protected access to _work object
  • [JBTM-3180] - LRARecord http compliance: Entity null for PUT
  • [JBTM-3184] - LRA TckParticipantTests do not finish started LRAs
  • [JBTM-3186] - Safeguard LRA filters for situations when CDI is not available
  • [JBTM-3188] - Location of the lock store is not configurable
  • [JBTM-3191] - Align LRA client expectations for LRA coordinator default port
  • [JBTM-3192] - LRA trip-client quickstart fails to run succesfully
  • [JBTM-3194] - JDBC ConnectionManager has deadlock potential
  • [JBTM-3195] - CacheStore failed a read_committed check in CI
  • [JBTM-3198] - LRA Quickstart failures
  • [JBTM-3201] - Prevent linkage error in SimpleIsolatedServers
  • [JBTM-3202] - org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-assembly-plugin:3.1.0:single failed: user id '' is too big
  • [JBTM-3203] - Align XTS SSL quickstart to use the WFLY18 bom when released
  • [JBTM-3207] - The LRA coordinator no longer runs on thorntail
  • [JBTM-3210] - Recovery listener gets stuck with processing when unexpected exception happens
  • [JBTM-3211] - Re-enable lra-test-basic
  • [JBTM-3220] - TckContextTests.testForget failed

Component Upgrade

  • [JBTM-3196] - Upgrade to Artemis version 2.9.0


  • [JBTM-3187] - Add MessageBodyWriter for ParticipantStatus and application/octet-stream media type
  • [JBTM-3190] - Transform LRA coordinator runtime to Quarkus
  • [JBTM-3199] - Include the lra coordinator war in the distribution

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