Release Notes - JBoss Transaction Manager - Version 5.0.4 - HTML format


  • [JBTM-2207] - Make default name null in order for quick lookup in BeanPopulator
  • [JBTM-2208] - Deprecate unused method from ActionManager
  • [JBTM-2209] - Use Deque for ThreadActionData

Feature Request

  • [JBTM-2202] - Provide local-only alternative for Compensating Transactions API
  • [JBTM-2237] - Ensure that narayana-jts-idlj is uploaded to nexus as part of the release
  • [JBTM-2264] - Error enlisting second xa resource on the same oracle instance but other schema
  • [JBTM-2313] - Aggregate Jacoco code coverage reports


  • [JBTM-1683] - btadmin tests on windows failed with "Could not start the server"
  • [JBTM-1752] - Investigate usage of Compensations API with MongoDB
  • [JBTM-1822] - BT_ASSERT(nrecs < nrecs1) failed in TestTransactions::test_recovery
  • [JBTM-2158] - btadmin ListServiceStatusTest::testListServiceStatusWithRunningServer failed with starting up the server
  • [JBTM-2171] - narayana-rebase doesn't work on mac
  • [JBTM-2181] - OptionalJaxWSTxInboundBridgeHandler does not handle multi-threaded requests
  • [JBTM-2182] - [quickstart] NoClassDefFoundError on ArjunaJTA/maven
  • [JBTM-2187] - Timer error on startup
  • [JBTM-2193] - NullPointerException in ThreadedTransactionTest
  • [JBTM-2216] - Extraneous warning message observed in XARecoveryModule.xaRecoverySecondPass if the first pass has already failed
  • [JBTM-2218] - testSuspendResume(org.jboss.narayana.compensations.functional.compensationScoped.CompensationScopedTestRemote) failed
  • [JBTM-2220] - "Could not restore timer from" error when building Blacktie C++ hybrid transport
  • [JBTM-2242] - Misbehaving XAResources may delay deployments
  • [JBTM-2246] - TXBridge multi-hop quickstart fails
  • [JBTM-2248] - Sansa doesn't have Ant installed
  • [JBTM-2249] - Blackie subsystem build fails because of missing org.apache.cxf:cxf-rt-security
  • [JBTM-2251] - Replace killall with pkill in the CI build script
  • [JBTM-2253] - Brandon CI node misconfiguration
  • [JBTM-2255] - Do not return StatusCommiting, if transaction was commited by the original transaction manager
  • [JBTM-2256] - Race condition between recovery manager initialization and expiry scanner
  • [JBTM-2260] - BlackTie does not build on CentOS 7
  • [JBTM-2263] - Schema validation error for RTS webservice web.xml
  • [JBTM-2268] - narayana-hqstore-jacorb fails due to missing netty class
  • [JBTM-2272] - ISE failure in CDI transactional observer methods with remote EJB call using JTS
  • [JBTM-2273] - Admin CLI build failed
  • [JBTM-2274] - Create separate assumed complete type for heuristic transactions
  • [JBTM-2276] - Blacktie subsystem build fails
  • [JBTM-2277] - GC Overhead issue when building WildFly Full Feature Pack
  • [JBTM-2283] - Tooling no longer exposes JTS record types
  • [JBTM-2287] - JTS mode sends an erroneous xa_end to resource manager if prepare() returns RMFAIL
  • [JBTM-2288] - Deploy/Undeploy BlacktieAdminService MBean throws javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: java:comp/BeanManager
  • [JBTM-2289] - TransactionalDriver QA_JTA tests fail on Oracle
  • [JBTM-2290] - Gawk and wget are not installed on Catelyn
  • [JBTM-2291] - ObjStoreBrowser can return stale Uid if the machine is very fast or the machines clock has a low fidelity
  • [JBTM-2294] - There is missing catelyn configuration in the btconfig.xml
  • [JBTM-2302] - Tooling can create two mbeans for a CMR record
  • [JBTM-2303] - Cannot create jacoco report
  • [JBTM-2306] - Tooling does not display the type of a heuristic
  • [JBTM-2307] - StoreManager.getRecoveryStore() does not return the correct default
  • [JBTM-2309] - Needs compensations pull merging to quickstarts
  • [JBTM-2315] - A checked CORBA narrow call in ExtendedResourceRecord failed on JDK orb
  • [JBTM-2317] - SAX parsing of properties file fails when offline


  • [JBTM-919] - Convert tests to work on Windows
  • [JBTM-1369] - Benchmark performance difference between JacORB and JDK ORB
  • [JBTM-1753] - Merge TXFramework and CompensationsAPI-prototype
  • [JBTM-1939] - Consider using awestruct to develop
  • [JBTM-2222] - Rename TXFramework -> Compensations
  • [JBTM-2223] - Fix Compensations package name to allow for other APIs
  • [JBTM-2224] - Move Compensations dependency adder to transactions subsytem
  • [JBTM-2257] - Upgrade Narayana to use Wildfly 9.0.0.Alpha2-SNAPSHOT
  • [JBTM-2258] - Update the build process to build a binary distribution of Narayana during normal install phase
  • [JBTM-2261] - start services scripts missing execute flag
  • [JBTM-2262] - ORB JTS classes not added to classpath in setup script
  • [JBTM-2286] - Create a zip with all javadocs included
  • [JBTM-2292] - Update Narayana release script
  • [JBTM-2299] - Why does Blacktie have its own CosTransactions.idl?
  • [JBTM-2310] - Remove compiler warnings related to: [WARNING] The following options were not recognized by any processor: '[translationFilesPath]'
  • [JBTM-2311] - Remove compiler warnings in CDI and STM related to: org.jboss.logging.annotations.MessageLogger


  • [JBTM-2278] - Allow the transaction manager suspend operation to succeed for JTS mode
  • [JBTM-2279] - Provide a way to allow overriding of a set CheckedActionFactory

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