Release Notes - JBoss Transaction Manager - Version 4.17.17 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [JBTM-1900] - Add test profiles to
  • [JBTM-2092] - Increase the orphan detection safety interval


  • [JBTM-1919] - WSTF Interop Sc007Test test hangs
  • [JBTM-1980] - QA test suite failure on HQStore: CrashRecovery12_Test03
  • [JBTM-2019] - failed
  • [JBTM-2020] -
  • [JBTM-2036] - QA test suite failure: CrashRecovery12_Test03
  • [JBTM-2084] - SimpleIsolatedServers#testMigrateTransactionParentTimeout failed: the transaction is not active


  • [JBTM-1645] - Allow pull requests to configure some parameters in scripts/hudson/
  • [JBTM-1838] - Document how to configure XTS to use SSL
  • [JBTM-1916] - Create parallel CI job for pull requests


  • [JBTM-2040] - Remove some noisy logging that adds no value

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