Release Notes - JBoss Transaction Manager - Version 4.16.3 - HTML format

Feature Request


  • [JBTM-1060] - References to AS7 API jars in xts-build.xml are out of date
  • [JBTM-1062] - JBossTS source jars are empty
  • [JBTM-1069] - XTS recovery tests: Update to work with jboss-as 7.1.1.Final
  • [JBTM-1076] - Uid serialization violates java serialization spec
  • [JBTM-1078] - Failure to parse default-jbossts-properties.xml on JBossAS boot


  • [JBTM-897] - Remove release notes from binary releases
  • [JBTM-1053] - Change JBossTS WS-AT/XA bridge tests for AS7 + Arquillian
  • [JBTM-1073] - Document the process of running the XTS crash recovery tests for QE
  • [JBTM-1077] - XTS Demo test, TxBridge Demo test and TxBridge tests: Update to work with jboss-as 7.1.1.Final


  • [JBTM-1054] - Load properties from xml adds 600-800ms in AS7

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