Release Notes - JBoss Web Services - Version jbossws-cxf-7.1.0.Final - HTML format


  • [JBWS-4395] - jaxbintos has typo in the targetPath of the resource plugin
  • [JBWS-4410] - Expired certificates used in tests


  • [JBWS-4385] - Protect the jbossws runtime from loading the jaxp impl from application package
  • [JBWS-4386] - Allow the force.urlconnection.http.conduit to be configured with system property
  • [JBWS-4391] - JAXP class loading protection
  • [JBWS-4394] - Remove the unused test for wsconsume target flag
  • [JBWS-4399] - Use wildfly share build in jbossws nightly CI build
  • [JBWS-4400] - Use JDK21 to build and test
  • [JBWS-4405] - Fix perf-tests and get 'jmeter' profile work

Component Upgrade

  • [JBWS-4387] - Upgrade to CXF 4.0.4
  • [JBWS-4396] - Upgrade undertow to 2.2.28.Final
  • [JBWS-4397] - Upgrade wildfly version to 30.0.Final and wildfly dev version to 31.0.0.Beta1-SNAPSHOT
  • [JBWS-4398] - Upgrade santuario to 3.0.3 (addresses CVE-2023-44483)
  • [JBWS-4409] - Upgrade WFLY version to 31.0.0.Final and dev version to 32.0.0.Beta1-SNAPSHOT


  • [JBWS-4403] - Remove resources-plugin-filters in jbossws-cxf testsuite
  • [JBWS-4406] - Add more content for release process in README
  • [JBWS-4407] - JBWS1666TestCase execution on windows is 10x slower on than on linux
  • [JBWS-4408] - Upgrade wildfly dev version to 31.0.0.Final-SNAPSHOT
  • [JBWS-4412] - Migrate junit4 to junit5

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