Release Notes - JGroups - Version 4.1.3 - HTML format


  • [JGRP-2273] - ASYM_ENCRYPT: deprecate encrypt_entire_message
  • [JGRP-2303] - RELAY2: notification when a site is up/down on all cluster nodes
  • [JGRP-2320] - FILE_PING.findMembers() optimizations

Feature Request

  • [JGRP-2284] - Discovery protocol for members in the same process
  • [JGRP-2362] - Providing logical member name in JDBC_PING


  • [JGRP-2331] - Probe does not handle multiple protocols of the same class in the same stack
  • [JGRP-2335] - JDBC_PING: code for determining the coordinator hangs in certain conditions
  • [JGRP-2356] - RpcDispatcher#callRemoteMethods does not work while calling MembershipListener#viewAccepted when using ForkChannel.


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