Release Notes - jBPM - Version 7.60.0.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [JBPM-9882] - Add targetUserId to TaskEvent
  • [JBPM-9888] - Business Rules Task to allow dynamic definition of DMN Decision Name


  • [JBPM-9859] - When audit log is disabled jbpm cannot processing signal
  • [JBPM-9861] - Inconsistent Variable log after a data association with a MVEL expression
  • [JBPM-9867] - Could not find task instance with id xxx if the audit mode is disabled
  • [JBPM-9872] - Banned classes in kie-server-services-openshift artifact
  • [JBPM-9873] - DeploymentSynchronizer may lose updates due to uncommitted updateDate
  • [JBPM-9878] - Missing jakarta dependency for jdk11 workitems-bpmn2 tests
  • [JBPM-9885] - QueryDataServiceIntegrationTest tests are failing due to removal of end_date column.
  • [JBPM-9891] - TaskInstanceView does not reflect the final state of the task
  • [JBPM-9892] - Any exception thrown while starting up container should be caught
  • [JBPM-9896] - Stunner - svg is not compiling in Java 11 for Java 8
  • [JBPM-9898] - Container upgrade is not properly handled by Kafka server extension
  • [JBPM-9901] - PIM DDL drop scripts shouldn't be executed when starting up the app
  • [JBPM-9909] - jbpm-container tests error on WebSphere after update to WildFly 23
  • [JBPM-9910] - jbpm-container tests error on Tomcat after update to WildFly 23
  • [JBPM-9915] - EJBTimerScheduler.localCache contains entries from already fired timers


  • [JBPM-9799] - Create auto-generated PIM DDL scripts by Hibernate
  • [JBPM-9877] - Revert schema changes for DB partition
  • [JBPM-9899] - JBPM WB IT tests fails
  • [JBPM-9919] - Update PIM to use Quarkus 2.2.3


  • [JBPM-9880] - logging async node enter
  • [JBPM-9890] - PIM file generated name needs to be refactored
  • [JBPM-9895] - Fix flaky tests at LocalTaskAuditWithDeadlineTest
  • [JBPM-9903] - Add log for kafka event
  • [JBPM-9906] - Stabilize JSONMarshallerTest in windows

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