Release Notes - jBPM - Version 7.56.0.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [JBPM-9714] - Include sort column to queries processes by variables and tasks API
  • [JBPM-9735] - Improve jbpm Engine Message 1:1 (Adding correlation keys and collaboration compliant spec subscription) / engine
  • [JBPM-9777] - Enrich information of jbpmHumanTasksWithAdmin default query
  • [JBPM-9780] - Accept all possible properties for Kafka Consumer/Producer


  • [JBPM-9452] - ClassCastException occurs when mapping DMN output to a Java Object in a BPMN
  • [JBPM-9752] - Graceful shutdown leave hanging jobs with the state of a RUNNING causing the job to stale
  • [JBPM-9771] - The STATEFULL_TYPE value in AbstractRuleTaskHandler is different from the accepted value in the ""
  • [JBPM-9782] - Fix missing service loader for automatically activate disable count check
  • [JBPM-9784] - Fieldname Case Unexpected Modification
  • [JBPM-9785] - narayana starter version mismatch after upgrading springboot to 2.4.3


  • [JBPM-9744] - Avoid duplication notification in BC with KieServerInstanceManager
  • [JBPM-9764] - Test is missing for fix in RHPAM-3712 (empty user when bypass is set)
  • [JBPM-9774] - Incorrect object type returned in a DMN business-rule task of a BPMN (BRE Task)

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