Release Notes - jBPM - Version 7.55.0.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [JBPM-9748] - Avoid count check in hibernate for audit table.


  • [JBPM-9648] - Improve some flaky tests around Spring boot projects in droolsjbpm-integration repo
  • [JBPM-9691] - no catching event inside a multi instance loop
  • [JBPM-9727] - NullPointerException while doing the project deployment on Business Central
  • [JBPM-9734] - KafkaConsumerHappyPathTest flaky tests
  • [JBPM-9745] - The REST API (queries/tasks/instances)returns an empty list if we set BYPASS_AUTH_USER to true
  • [JBPM-9749] - Fix ServerTemplateSelectorMenuBuilderTest and KieServerIntegrationClientsTest failed
  • [JBPM-9761] - PIM doesn't start with guava 30.0-jre


  • [JBPM-9723] - Add integration tests for Kafka WIH async

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