Release Notes - jBPM - Version 7.36.0.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [JBPM-9027] - [GSS-RFE] Open reusable subprocess diagram when clicked over parent diagram


  • [JBPM-9060] - memory growth when starting a high number of process instances with a high timers
  • [JBPM-9073] - Unique index error when correlationKey name is set to null
  • [JBPM-9075] - Test failure: org.jbpm.test.functional.timer.ConcurrentGlobalTimerServiceTest.testSessionPerProcessInstance
  • [JBPM-9085] - Test: org.jbpm.test.functional.task.HumanTaskQueryFilterTest.testFilterParams fails on NPE
  • [JBPM-9086] - Test: org.jbpm.test.functional.task.HumanTaskQueryFilterTest.testSingleResult fails


  • [JBPM-9036] - Disable "Double-clicking" on ProcessDiagram
  • [JBPM-9080] - Failing daily build

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