Release Notes - jBPM - Version 7.32.0.Final - HTML format

Quality Risk

  • [JBPM-8711] - Stunner - Test WebService task at runtime


  • [JBPM-8745] - Clean database cases in specific status


  • [JBPM-8585] - Business Central doesn't update a ServerTemplate after restarting the kie-server
  • [JBPM-8698] - Cannot trigger activities inside asynchronous ad-hoc subprocess
  • [JBPM-8896] - NPE during Process Migration when Boundary Timer is fired but UserTask not completed
  • [JBPM-8914] - Stunner - User task throws exception when you try to move it
  • [JBPM-8947] - Service Task related tests failing due to WIH exact count assertion
  • [JBPM-8948] - RepoServiceIntegrationTest failing due to different list of WIH present
  • [JBPM-8974] - Unable to access swagger document when using headless jBPM controller.


  • [JBPM-8952] - Stabilize jbpm-in-container test after AssertJ upgrade

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