Release Notes - jBPM - Version 7.30.0.Final - HTML format


  • [JBPM-8837] - Remove Service Task from the repository
  • [JBPM-8897] - Stabilize AuditQueryTest

Feature Request

  • [JBPM-8838] - Add quick filter for filterting process instances based on the parent process instance id
  • [JBPM-8839] - Add parent process instance id to process instance list table


  • [JBPM-8731] - Default runtime strategy of "New Deployment Unit" wizard should respect kie-deployment-descriptor.xml
  • [JBPM-8855] - Smart Router management endpoints authentication
  • [JBPM-8866] - GlobalTimerService.timerJobsPerSession leak with StartProcess timer
  • [JBPM-8882] - with admin group breaks the single zip distribution when starting Evaluation process
  • [JBPM-8885] - Nodes after multi-Instance subprocess are not blurred eventhough process instance is completed.
  • [JBPM-8893] - Add full ISO8601 support for DateTimeUtils
  • [JBPM-8894] - Saved Filter rewritten when adding column with sort order


  • [JBPM-6540] - [cloud-tests] Implement tests for KIE server JMS in Openshift
  • [JBPM-6606] - [cloud-tests] Container redirection by Smart router
  • [JBPM-8848] - Update Thorntail to 2.5

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