Release Notes - jBPM - Version 7.28.0.Final - HTML format


  • [JBPM-8801] - Process instance assign first potencial actor to field "created by" when it is empty in process definition

Feature Request

  • [JBPM-8290] - Serverless Workflow JSON api and impl
  • [JBPM-8800] - Fix atlassian jira dependency in jbpm-work-items
  • [JBPM-8813] - Service Task installation does not create wid file and image


  • [JBPM-8400] - Logs are constantly flooded with 'Unable to load key store. Using password from configuration'
  • [JBPM-8694] - ConditionalEvent isn't triggered when process id contains hyphen
  • [JBPM-8725] - Invalid REST API return type - quated string instead of json/xml
  • [JBPM-8763] - Authentication error when using jbpm rest enpoint at BC
  • [JBPM-8780] - Project assets pagination is not working properly for limits

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