Release Notes - JBoss Remoting - Version 2.5.4.SP4 - HTML format


  • [JBREM-1286] - Fix sources encoding to UTF-8
  • [JBREM-1297] - Deadlock between MicroRemoteClientInvoker.establishLease and Client.notifyListeners
  • [JBREM-1300] - Create or preview Data Source does not work without network connection when accessing EDS server on localhost
  • [JBREM-1301] - WebUtil.isBinary fails when charSet appended
  • [JBREM-1305] - Maximum number of client sockets in MicroSocketClientInvoker increases after timeout waiting for a free socket
  • [JBREM-1306] - Remoting tries to create SSLSocketFactory even when not desired
  • [JBREM-1311] - Incorret link in 'Building Remoting from source' page


  • [JBREM-1312] - Assure version compatibility with earlier versions of Remoting


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