Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 8.0.2.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-5888] - Add bounded container resize to RHQ plugin
  • [ISPN-5935] - Provide an alias to 'eq' in the Query DSL


  • [ISPN-5497] - MetadataAPIDefaultExpiryTest.testDefaultLifespanReplaceWithOldValue, MetadataAPIDefaultExpiryTest.testDefaultLifespanPutIfAbsent and MetadataAPIDefaultExpiryTest.testDefaultLifespanReplace fail randomly
  • [ISPN-5629] - AvgAccumulator should handle NaN and other non-numbers
  • [ISPN-5727] - Client Listener removal and shutdown problems
  • [ISPN-5739] - ClientListenerWithFilterAndRawProtobufTest is unstable
  • [ISPN-5740] - HotRod client write buffer is too large
  • [ISPN-5780] - SumAccumulator should behave according to JPA spec
  • [ISPN-5787] - Issues with aggregation queries using Date objects
  • [ISPN-5791] - Query DSL : Projecting a Date field multiple times will render it as string
  • [ISPN-5797] - NullPointerException in ClientListenerRegistry under load
  • [ISPN-5841] - Server cannot find filter/converter factory when registering continuous query
  • [ISPN-5855] - RemoteContinuousQueryTest fails consistently
  • [ISPN-5867] - CCE in RemoteQueryJONRegisterIT
  • [ISPN-5872] - Projecting a boolean property in remote mode will render it as an Integer
  • [ISPN-5875] - HotRod Client does not handle failover silent when nodes are stopped if using role based authentication
  • [ISPN-5884] - ClusteredListenerReplTest.testPrimaryOwnerGoesDownAfterBackupRaisesEvent random failures
  • [ISPN-5890] - NPE after a node joins a cluster and receives new views
  • [ISPN-5899] - ContinuousQuery tests should disable expiration reaper
  • [ISPN-5901] - Metrics not registered for local caches
  • [ISPN-5923] - Wrong results when applying the <= operator to a string attribute having a null token defined
  • [ISPN-5939] - RemoteListenerWithDslFilterTest.testEventFilter and NonIndexedCacheRemoteListenerWithDslFilterTest.testEventFilter fail randomly
  • [ISPN-5951] - NonIndexedRemoteContinuousQueryTest.testContinuousQuery random failures
  • [ISPN-5957] - Simple cache fails to start when statistics is enabled
  • [ISPN-5959] - Continuous query does not return existing entries in embedded mode
  • [ISPN-7043] - Cloud cache store using AWS S3 fails to work with caches which names contain underscore
  • [ISPN-7047] - Cloud cache store can check if container exists too early
  • [ISPN-7318] - Update cloud cache store integration tests


  • [ISPN-5719] - Use log4j 2.0 everywhere
  • [ISPN-5747] - Failover tests for HotRod expiration events
  • [ISPN-5748] - Tests for clustered expiration events using filters and converters
  • [ISPN-5985] - Add tests for listeners matching the requirements of ClientEvents.addClientQueryListener

Component Upgrade

  • [ISPN-5898] - Upgrade to protostream 3.0.4.Final
  • [ISPN-5926] - Upgrade to hibernate-search 5.5.1.Final


  • [ISPN-5613] - Replication timeouts should show more information of the affected entries
  • [ISPN-5822] - Limit the number of expansion cofactors for hybrid query
  • [ISPN-5873] - Allow non-stored fields to be projected in DSL based queries
  • [ISPN-5896] - ClusterStreamManager segment generation should use locatePrimaryOwnerForSegment
  • [ISPN-5905] - Avoid creating a FilterEvalContext for non-matching subscriptions
  • [ISPN-5906] - Hide implementation details from package org.infinispan.query.continuous
  • [ISPN-5933] - Make RemoteQueryEngine a cache-level component
  • [ISPN-5934] - ContinuousQuery must benefit from DSL based filter indexing

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