Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 5.1.6.FINAL - HTML format


  • [ISPN-1346] - Transactional listeners method order problem
  • [ISPN-1948] - Invalid magic number
  • [ISPN-2080] - Cache Listener is not notified on cache replace
  • [ISPN-2089] - Transactional distributed shared cache store not working
  • [ISPN-2092] - Write skew check not detected in LOCAL mode when doing multiple modifications
  • [ISPN-2095] - Eviction causes lost AtomicMap entries
  • [ISPN-2098] - DummyTxTest fails randomly
  • [ISPN-2117] - VersionedReplStateTransferTest.testStateTransfer is unstable
  • [ISPN-2120] - Duplicate counts for some stats
  • [ISPN-2139] - ping_on_startup ignored
  • [ISPN-2155] - JDBC cache store should quote generated table name
  • [ISPN-2182] - Some DefaultCacheManager constructors still performing legacy configuration adaptation
  • [ISPN-2185] - AtomicHashMapProxy calls Cache.getCacheConfiguration() triggering legacy config adaptation.
  • [ISPN-2188] - Avoid a comparison on null key during lookup in the transaction context
  • [ISPN-2193] - MarshalledValue fails to compare the correct buffer region of ExpandableMarshalledValueByteStream instances having an estimated buffer size


  • [ISPN-2097] - Tear down methods should run even if the test method failed
  • [ISPN-2102] - JDBC cacheloader test failing frequently: assertNoLocksHeld


  • [ISPN-1794] - Make connection refused exceptions TRACE
  • [ISPN-2100] - Apply ConcurrentHashMapV8 improvements
  • [ISPN-2140] - Ping should try all servers in server list.
  • [ISPN-2152] - Upgrade 5.1.x to JGroups 3.0.11.FINAL
  • [ISPN-2195] - Avoid unneeded volatile read in MarshalledValue hotspot

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