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T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due Components Development
Sub-task TEIID-4782

TEIID-4779 Change framework to catch RutineException from translator/connector

Ramesh Reddy Van Halbert Major Resolved Done   Query Engine
Sub-task TEIID-4780

TEIID-4779 Clone TEIID-4734 (Backwards compatible solution)

Ramesh Reddy Pedro Inácio Major Resolved Done   Common
Sub-task TEIID-4778

TEIID-4779 External Materialization, When TTL is less than loading time, the scheduling is off

Ramesh Reddy Ramesh Reddy Major Resolved Done   Server
Sub-task TEIID-4775

TEIID-4779 External materialization, after transaction timeout, LoadState continues to be LOADING

Ramesh Reddy Pedro Inácio Major Resolved Done   Server
Sub-task TEIID-4768

TEIID-4779 Clarify Caching guide using external materializaion

Ramesh Reddy Van Halbert Critical Resolved Done   Documentation
Sub-task TEIID-4758

TEIID-4779 Permanent materialization load failure is when JDG source goes down

Van Halbert Ramesh Reddy Major Closed Duplicate Issue   Server
Sub-task TEIID-4736

TEIID-4779 JDG resource adapter does not reconnect properly when JDG as mat cache is restarted

Van Halbert William Decoste Major Resolved Done   JDG Connector
Sub-task TEIID-4734

TEIID-4779 Restart during materialization load, does not update Materialized views anymore

Ramesh Reddy Pedro Inácio Major Resolved Done   Common