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JBIDE-21157 [cdk] Ensure VAGRANT_DETECTED_OS is set to cygwin when in windows

This requires other changes. Once cygwin is set, output will include color codes, so the --no-color flag must also be set.


JBIDE-21157 Result from adbinfo on windows has different syntax

The result from adbinfo on linux is:

export  key=value

The result on Windows is:

setx key value

The adbinfo runner needs to be aware of this difference and react accordingly when creating the openshift connection.


JBIDE-21157 [CDK] Require better logic to find vagrant.exe / vagrant command

First step to support for windows is properly locating vagrant.exe. This isn't a windows-only issue, though, as exd-mmalina has already commented that his vagrant was in /usr/local/bin/vagrant rather than /usr/bin/vagrant

So this is a concern on all OSes.