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Sub-task JBIDE-21106

JBIDE-20976 Update to m2e 1.7 and m2e-wtp 1.3

Fred Bricon Nick Boldt Closed maven, target-platform

As announced a week ago [1], m2e 1.7 is available.


So, I suppose we should updated the JBT 4.4 and JBDS 10.0 target platforms to include this new version.

Luckily, the m2e bits are already in Neon M3 so no new mirror is needed; but I need to know if there are any other m2e-* pieces which ALSO need to be updated in lock-step at the same time.

Please clarify which m2e-* projects also need updating, or if in fact we ONLY want to include m2e 1.7 instead of 1.62, and change none of the rest of the m2e family.

Also, if this change should be backported to the Mars-based target platforms for JBT 4.3.x / JBDS 9.x, let me know that too.