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Sub-task JBIDE-14606

JBIDE-13618 Struts Tiles File

Viacheslav Kabanovich (Inactive) Burr Suter Closed struts/shale

Struts has been removed from JBDS 7 but there is still a Struts wizard.

Sub-task JBIDE-13636

JBIDE-13618 references in jsf tooling to struts

Viacheslav Kabanovich (Inactive) Max Andersen Resolved struts/shale

seeing many hits with grep in jsf to struts.

Note sre if these are just for struts html tags (which would be ok to keep) but why is there so much struts in xmodel files etc. from within jsf ?

Sub-task JBIDE-13635

JBIDE-13618 remove references to struts in documentation

Alexey Kazakov Max Andersen Resolved struts/shale