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Sub-task JBDS-2402

JBDS-2253 ensure BYOE feature provides URL from which to update, and cleans up URLs when uninstalled

Nick Boldt Nick Boldt Closed updatesite

We recently removed 'org.eclipse.equinox.p2.touchpoint.eclipse.addRepository' touchpoints from *p2.inf files in JBDS, and the result is that until a user scans Central's update site, there are no entries listed in the Available Software Sites pref page.

So, we need to ensure that this is added back in.

Rather than putting it in the JBDS Branded Product feature, however, I would rather see it put into the BYOE / Core Features feature, so that anyone who's installed from Marketplace can also get updates from the site on We can also use this mechanism to replace the 6.0-staging site (currently in Marketplace) by the 6.0 site (once we go GA) and clean the old site out of users' Eclipse installs so they only get updates from the official site, not the staging one.

Sub-task JBDS-2371

JBDS-2253 should we add to jbdevstudio.ini and "Core Features" p2.inf to avoid JDK7/IPv6 issues?

Nick Boldt Nick Boldt Closed build, updatesite

Using JDK 7 w/ IPv6 can cause errors such as those reported here:

Should we set the flag in jbdevstudio.ini to avoid this? Will this cause any problems w/ JDK6 people?

Sub-task JBDS-2339

JBDS-2253 create Marketplace entry for JBDS 6 so we can publish the "Core Features" feature

Nick Boldt Nick Boldt Closed build, updatesite

As per decisions in JBDS-2253, I need to create an Eclipse Marketplace entry for JBDS 6 so we can publish the "Core Features" feature and get people trying it out that way instead of via Early Access update site or installer.

Sub-task JBDS-2338

JBDS-2253 on installation of JBDS Core Features feature (BYOE) Central appears on top of Welcome screen

Snjezana Peco (Inactive) Nick Boldt Closed build, updatesite

Steps to repro:

a) install Eclipse 4.2 (JEE bundle, platform binary, whatever). start it up
b) Help > Install new > > select "BYOE" category or the "Core Features" feature. Install.
c) on restart, you'll see this:


Sub-task JBDS-2295

JBDS-2253 provide job to test automated installation of JBDS "BYOE" into Eclipse 4.2.0, 4.2.1, Juno JEE bundle, Juno JEE bundle SR1, etc.

Mickael Istria Nick Boldt Closed installer, product

Similar to this job [1], we should be testing this installation path so that we know it works on Eclipse Platform Binary 4.2.0, 4.2.1, 4.2.2 (when available in Feb 2013) as well as Eclipse Juno R, SR1, SR2 (also Feb 2013).


Sub-task JBDS-2294

JBDS-2253 JBDS Branded Product feature does not cause splash screen to be replaced when installing into Eclipse via Bring Your Own Eclipse ("BYOE") installation

Nick Boldt Nick Boldt Closed product

Not sure if we actually want to fix this, or if in fact this is a good thing... but if you install the JBDS Branded Product feature (com.jboss.jbds.all) into Eclipse, you get the redball icons appearing in place of the Eclipse ones...

... but the splash screen remains the same:

For details on how to perform the installation, see: