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Sub-task FUSETOOLS-2889

FUSETOOLS-2684 Expand all nodes for the Tree list templates by default

Aurélien Pupier Aurélien Pupier Closed  
Sub-task FUSETOOLS-2881

FUSETOOLS-2684 Rework categories to flatten tree selection of templates

Aurélien Pupier Aurélien Pupier Closed  
Sub-task FUSETOOLS-2864

FUSETOOLS-2684 Provide standalone/OpenShift environment possibilities

Unassigned Aurélien Pupier Closed  
  • disable EAP/Karaf when on OpenShift for now
Sub-task FUSETOOLS-2863

FUSETOOLS-2684 Select a specific template/DSL depending on the environment selection

Aurélien Pupier Aurélien Pupier Closed  

Templates selected by default:

Runtimes Standalone OpenShift
Spring Boot Dummy Timer Spring DSL Dummy timer Spring DSL
Karaf CBR Blueprint DSL /
EAP Bean service spring DSL /
Sub-task FUSETOOLS-2862

FUSETOOLS-2684 Provide variations of DSL and Empty templates inside tree list instead of using radio buttons

Aurélien Pupier Aurélien Pupier Closed Project Templates

Sub-task FUSETOOLS-2861

FUSETOOLS-2684 Have Templates displayed dependent on the environment selected

Aurélien Pupier Aurélien Pupier Closed  

currently it is dependent only on the camel version

Please note that the template Fuse On OpenShift is the one to use for Sprint Boot standalone too. Better description and content to reflect that will be provided in a future iteration, see