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AEROGEAR-763 iOS: API: AGStore's remove takes an id, should take an object

Like on the AGPipe, we should update this API...


AEROGEAR-763 ios: API: rename 'getter' for 'modules'

Inside of the following classes we have a getter, to get an actual object by its name:

  • AGPipeline
  • AGDataManager
  • AGAuthenticator

However, this is not best practice. Usually a method that starts with 'get' deliver values by reference

See NSColor (

- (void)getComponents:(CGFloat *)components

Instead of, for instance:

- (id<AGAuthenticationModule>)get:(NSString *)moduleName

we can have something LIKE this:

- (id<AGAuthenticationModule>)loadModuleNamed:(NSString *)moduleName

Current 'get' methods:


AEROGEAR-763 ios: AGPipeline: rename init: and pipeline:

rename the -init: (not the -init) to something like:
-initWithBaseURL:(NSURL *)baseURL (instead of -init

same for +pipeline: (+pipelineWithBaseURL:(NSURL *)baseURL)

Current code:


AEROGEAR-763 ios: rename AGRestAdapter to AGRESTAdapter

Since REST is an less or more offical term. Perhaps we should name it AGRESTAdapter.

Some examples:

  • NSURL (and not NSUrl)
  • NSHTTPCookie and not NSHttpCookie....

AEROGEAR-763 ios: AGPipe: Change the URL property

Let's change the url property to be URL:

@property (nonatomic, readonly) NSString *URL

Maybe...... it should be really of the NSURL type....

Current code:


AEROGEAR-763 ios: pipe: overhaul the remove method

The remove function seems a bit odd since it takes the 'id' value:

Using CoreData as some precedence, one would delete the object.


AEROGEAR-763 iOS: overhaul config API

For the config object we currently "set" values like:

[config name:@""]

However this:

[config setName:@""]

or this:

[config withName:@""]

would be better.

Ideally the options would be regular properties: = @""