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    • XCMSTRAT-276(P0) ROSA HCP Critical Features + Bugs
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      User Story

      As a ROSA HCP cluster owner/administrator, I want to have a fully-supported ROSA HCP cluster without any worker node requirements, so that I can

      • Save costs
      • Have a warm-standby backup cluster
      • Reduce unnecessary resource usage


      • The metric that is used for metering the control plane usage by Subscription Watch for ROSA HCP clusters will need to be updated when this functionality lands
      • OAuth on CP currently relies on proxy to DP in order to access potentially private OAuth endpoints, this is a case where we just state that authentication isn't expected to work, and tell customers to use htpasswd or a publicly-available IdP
      • Audit log forwarding to the DP will likely not work, and thus audit logs would be unavailable without DP, we should be notifying customers of this impact

      Acceptance Criteria

      • I can create an HCP cluster, day-1, without requiring a default machine pool
      • I can remove all machine pools from my active cluster, day-2
      • I can scale down all my existing machine pools to zero replicas, day-2
      • I can create a machine pool with zero replicas, day-1
      • I can create/edit an autoscaling machine pool with a zero replica minimum
      • Red Hat continues to support the control plane and API SLA
      • I can continue to access the API, even without any worker nodes

      Default Done Criteria

      • All existing/affected SOPs have been updated.
      • New SOPs have been written.
      • Internal training has been developed and delivered.
      • The feature has both unit and end to end tests passing in all test
        pipelines and through upgrades.
      • If the feature requires QE involvement, QE has signed off.
      • The feature exposes metrics necessary to manage it (VALET/RED).
      • The feature has had a security review.* Contract impact assessment.
      • Service Definition is updated if needed.* Documentation is complete.
      • Product Manager signed off on staging/beta implementation.


      Integration Testing:

      Current Status

      GREEN = On track, minimal risk to target date.
      YELLOW = Moderate risk to target date.
      RED = High risk to target date, or blocked and need to highlight potential
      risk to stakeholders.


      Links to Gdocs, github, and any other relevant information about this epic.

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