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Reduce on-disk size and copying in the test suite



      The test suite takes up large amounts of disk space (over 2.7GB) during build. This causes overhead for copying and bogs down test runs and CI. Find ways to mitigate this.

      First approach is to use Maven refs instead of fixed JARs in the build process:

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      diff --git a/pom.xml b/pom.xml
      index fb2b68c..5805471 100644
      --- a/pom.xml
      +++ b/pom.xml
      @@ -252,8 +252,8 @@
      -        <wildfly.build.output.dir>dist/target/${server.output.dir.prefix}-${jboss.as.release.version}</wildfly.build.output.dir>
      -        <wildfly.web.build.output.dir>servlet-dist/target/${server.output.dir.prefix}-servlet-${jboss.as.release.version}</wildfly.web.build.output.dir>
      +        <wildfly.build.output.dir>build/target/${server.output.dir.prefix}-${jboss.as.release.version}</wildfly.build.output.dir>
      +        <wildfly.web.build.output.dir>servlet-build/target/${server.output.dir.prefix}-servlet-${jboss.as.release.version}</wildfly.web.build.output.dir>
                   See ChildFirstClassLoaderBuilder in model-test for the explanation of the org.jboss.model.test.cache.root and org.jboss.model.test.classpath.cache properties.

      This saves a bit of space but copied images are still taking upwards of 55MB each, and there are very many copies; consider this example from testsuite/integration/iiop/target:

      30M	jbossas
      55M	jbossas-iiop-client
      55M	jbossas-iiop-server
      55M	jbossas-iiop-ssl-client
      55M	jbossas-iiop-ssl-legacy-server
      55M	jbossas-iiop-ssl-server

      Within a typical copy (after the above patch), about half of the data is in bin and half is in standalone. In bin, the dominating files are:

      • 2.2M wildfly-elytron-tool.jar
      • 7.2M client/jboss-cli-client.jar
      • 17M client/jboss-client.jar

      In standalone, the dominator is:

      • 25M data/activemq (mostly journal files but also the bindings file)

      Together these four areas cover 51.4MB of the 55MB in each IIOP server copy.

      In other areas, big users include standalone_xml_history, which can be as large as 67MB. Disabling the across the board could help.

      We're also making over 50 copies of the docs directory at 2.3M per instance.

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