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      Subtask for this item from the parent issue:

      The JSF subsystem's "list-active-jsf-impl" op. A read-only, runtime-only op that does runtime work (scanning modules) in Stage.MODEL on the profile resource. Lots of rules being broken! What this op does now if invoked against the profile is tell you what jsf impls are present on the DC. Which is not the same thing as telling you what impls are present on "the domain" since different hosts in the domain can have different sets of modules. So the op needs a rethink.
      a) If we correct the Stage.MODEL problem, we can't do WFCORE-2849. So we need to choose between the two.
      b) If we do WFCORE-2858, this op will now start getting rolled out to the domain servers resulting in getting data from all servers. This is arguably the correct behavior, as now the user learns the true situation in the domain, not just on the DC. But if we decide we don't want that we'll need to add OperationEntry.Flag.HOST_CONTROLLER_ONLY to the operation definition to prevent that rollout.
      c) If we do roll it out to the servers we can consider having it no longer do runtime work on the profile; i.e. don't analyze the DC, just the servers. That would remove the conflict with WFCORE-2849, but would be an incompatible change in behavior. I find it hard to believe anyone would be using this op in scripts though; not against the profile.
      d) We could just stop registering it on the profile, but that's a loss of functionality.
      Choice b) would let WFCORE-2858 go forward and preserve the status quo for this op, with a) c) and d) still options for the future.

      The parent task is going to do choice b) as a temp thing; this task is decide about the rest.

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