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XML Marshalling problems without -jaxpmodule on start scrtipts.



      I was using a fresh installation of wildfly 8.1.0.final and i faced a very weird situation with a SLSB of mines that uses javax.xml.bind.Marshaller for marshalling an object.
      The result of the marshalling process was an incomplete XML. I was sure that there was no problems with the application itself because i could run the code with a main method and get the complete marshalled XML.
      Also, i noticed that i could get the right results if I start the Wildfly through my Eclipse Luna.
      So, i realized that the problem just comes up if i start directly via standalone.sh.
      Then i decided to compare standalone.sh and eclipse's configurations for wildfly initialization.
      The answer for the entire problem was that eclipse still adds the parameter -jaxpmodule that it is not present on standalone.sh with wildfly 8.1.0.final.
      I found another issue about this removed parameter here WFLY-425.
      Well, i could make things works just adding this parameter back to wildfly standalone.sh. But, i have a feeling that something has to be done to make JAXB works without this parameter that was removed.

      Best regards!

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