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Easily accessible static information describing the release




      Tools that work with a WF installation need to identify what they are working with before they can launch or interact with the server. Specifically, they need to know the version. They likely need to know other information as well, such as the name of the software; e.g. whether it is WildFly itself or some other project based on WildFly.

      This information should be provided in standard format in a text file in a standard location in the distribution (probably in bin). The text file should be generated as part of the build.

      The solution to this issue should consider the requirements of other "identities" that may be based on WildFly. See [1] for the definition of an identity.

      The solution to this issue should consider the needs of products based on WildFly and other non-product identities. For example, can the existing product.conf contain the necessary information for a product, with some differently named but largely equivalent file being used in a non-product distribution?

      The solution to this issue should consider the implications for the patching tool.

      [1] https://community.jboss.org/wiki/LayeredDistributionsAndModulePathOrganization for


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