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      In a recent discussion in JBIDE-19463, we talked about some limitations that result from creating of a remote server without a runtime.
      For example, the jmx connection does not work because we use libs from the runtime to connect via jmx.

      We have this document about setting up a remote server:

      There is this:

      d. A remote server can now be created without assigning a runtime to it. Depending on the requirements, select the Assign a runtime to this server check box (and select an existing runtime or create a new one) or leave the box unselected and then click Next.

      So I think it would make sense to add these details somewhere in there.
      From JBIDE-19463:

      Autodetection of ports by scanning your standalone.xml (or your selected configuration file). Since there's no local runtime, and no local standalone.xml, we can't notice that you've modified your ports to be non-standard.
      Also, without a local runtime, some small behavior changes might be default values. For example, sometimes we hard-code different behavior between minor or micro versions if we notice there's a bug in some previous release. For example, some of the early jboss-7 releases didn't support the -b flag.
      Without a local runtime to scan, we can't know the exact version you're running against, and can't customize args (or other things) to work around bugs in those specific runtime versions.

      On top of that, you won't be able to create a JMX connection to the server.

      I'll leave it to you to decide how much details we need in the article. Maybe it's not necessary to talk about early versions of jboss-7 and that part. But it makes sense to at least mention that some things may be missing, mainly JMX connection, detection of ports from standalone.xml and perhaps several more.

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