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Consider merging Tohu with Drools Informer

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      About 2 years ago the developers of Drools Chance discovered Tohu and, believing it to be a dead project, made a copy of some parts of it under the name Drools Informer.

      I became aware of this about a year later and we had some discussion about merging the two projects back together but this didn't pan out.

      We should assess the pros and cons of both projects and decide whether there is anything to be gained by porting code from one to the other or merging them into one project.

      From my (limited) understanding of Drools Informer:

      • it was copied from Tohu version 1.2.0
      • it works with Drools 5.5 whereas Tohu currently uses 5.1.0.M1
      • some changes made to the core rules to take advantage of newer Drools features (but no functional change?)
      • only the core stuff was copied, and in particular not the JQuery UI
      • the Drools Informer developers have a UI (as mentioned in a published academic paper) but I don't think this has been made available to the opensource community
      • there is a tighter coupling with Drools (e.g. annotations in the core classes). I had an intention with Tohu to decouple it from Drools so it could be used with other rules engines. This probably isn't a big deal though.
      • no working examples
      • no documentation
      • the original copyright notices were removed from the code and replaced with JBoss ones which is in violation of the Apache License

      If anyone with more understanding of Drools Informer reads this then please provide more info and correct my mistakes.

      Note: there are definite advantages of having the project as a subproject of Drools as it gets more visibility that way but if so it should be a top-level subproject not part of Drools Chance. Also this option was discussed (with JBoss) back in 2009 when Tohu was being opensourced (it began life under the name Drools Advisor) and it was decided that the best option was to keep it separate from Drools. The arguments for and against this are different now though.




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