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Problem with accessing custom generated materialized views



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      We have a problem with custom-generated materialized view. The way we do it works fine
      with Teiid 7.3 but fails when we try to migrate to 7.6.

      Here is the SQL which gives the problem:
      select * from chorus_metadata.property;
      Remote org.teiid.api.exception.query.QueryPlannerException: Group does not exist: chorus_metadata.property_CHORUS_NON_MAT_VIEW

      Some additional info:

      1. System tables:
      select * from SYS.tables where Name like 'property%' and SchemaName = 'chorus_metadata';
      VDBName SchemaName Name Type NameInSource IsPhysical SupportsUpdates UID Cardinality Description IsSystem IsMaterialized OID
      ------- --------------- ---------------------------- ---- ------------ ---------- --------------- ------------------------------------------- ----------- ----------- -------- -------------- —
      Chorus chorus_metadata property_union View NULL true false mmuuid:319d6147-6145-4f56-bc2e-42326b19368c 0 NULL false false 393
      Chorus chorus_metadata property_CHORUS_NON_MAT_VIEW View NULL true false mmuuid:bb25b63d-bded-4704-8638-e507197af6f1 0 NULL false false 398
      Chorus chorus_metadata property View NULL false false mmuuid:9070f66d-df9c-4f37-bd4f-00020ceef492 0 NULL false true 399

      select * from SYSADMIN.matviews;
      VDBName SchemaName Name TargetSchemaName TargetName Valid LoadState Updated Cardinality
      ------- --------------- -------------- ---------------- ------------------------------ ----- ------------- ------- -----------
      Chorus chorus_metadata property NULL #MAT_CHORUS_METADATA.PROPERTY false NEEDS_LOADING NULL 0
      Chorus pg_catalog pg_class NULL #MAT_PG_CATALOG.PG_CLASS false NEEDS_LOADING NULL NULL
      Chorus pg_catalog pg_attribute NULL #MAT_PG_CATALOG.PG_ATTRIBUTE false NEEDS_LOADING NULL NULL
      Chorus pg_catalog pg_index NULL #MAT_PG_CATALOG.PG_INDEX false NEEDS_LOADING NULL NULL
      Chorus pg_catalog pg_proc NULL #MAT_PG_CATALOG.PG_PROC false NEEDS_LOADING NULL NULL
      Chorus pg_catalog matpg_relatt NULL #MAT_PG_CATALOG.MATPG_RELATT false NEEDS_LOADING NULL NULL
      Chorus pg_catalog matpg_datatype NULL #MAT_PG_CATALOG.MATPG_DATATYPE false NEEDS_LOADING NULL NULL

      Note: looks like the chorus_metadata.propoerty needs loading, but attempt to load it fails with the same error:
      CALL SYSADMIN.refreshMatView(viewname=>'chorus_metadata.property', invalidate=>'true');
      Remote org.teiid.api.exception.query.QueryResolverException: Group does not exist: chorus_metadata.property_CHORUS_NON_MAT_VIEW

      2. The view chorus_metadata.property_CHORUS_NON_MAT_VIEW is actually exist and available:
      select * from chorus_metadata.property_CHORUS_NON_MAT_VIEW;
      propertyName objectName subType propertyValue objectInstance
      ----------------- ------------------------------- ----------- ----------------------- -----------------------
      Sequence chorusdata.note Column 1 CREATED_ON
      Sequence demodata.someSeq Column 1

      3. How the chorus_metadata.property gets defined (sample code):
      org.teiid.metadata.Table table = org.teiid.metadata.MetadataFactory.addTable("property");
      "/*+ cache */ SELECT propertyName, objectName, subType, propertyValue, objectInstance FROM chorus_metadata.property_CHORUS_NON_MAT_VIEW");

      Note: we tried today a patch for TEIID-1868, it did not help.

      Let us know please if we can help with any additional information.




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