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Provide propagating of headers/properties in all components



      Currently, only Camel provides propagation of inbound message headers and exchange properties to the outbound contexts. As Keith said, this is implementation specific. It would be nice to provide that in other components. From what I have tried, it doesn't work for bean, BPM, Drools. I haven't tested that on BPEL yet.

      (03:39:31 PM) kcbabo: trohovsk: when it comes to headers, camel has a certain way that it treats headers between invocations
      (03:40:11 PM) kcbabo: trohovsk: this mechanism is unique to camel
      (03:40:34 PM) kcbabo: trohovsk: but there are other things that are different between implementation types as well
      (03:40:40 PM) kcbabo: trohovsk: they are completely different domains
      (03:41:05 PM) kcbabo: trohovsk: I understand that if you look at header propagation as a system-wide feature, then it looks odd
      (03:41:31 PM) kcbabo: trohovsk: but header propagation is a detail specific to each implementation - each implementation has their own mechanism for how headers are handled
      (03:42:07 PM) kcbabo: trohovsk: we could possibly provide an enhancement which allows other implementation types to automatically propagate headers
      (03:42:40 PM) kcbabo: trohovsk: possibly by introducing another exchange scope

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