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Follow-up work post-Drools/jBPM 6 upgrade


    1. [A] Test (and fix?) various <listener>s.
    2. [B] Test (and fix?) various <logger>s.
    3. [C] Update quickstarts' Readme.md files.
    4. [D] Provide default actions (StartProcess for bpm, and Execute for rules) for simple cases.
    5. [E] Add ability to insert facts without firing rules. (Work for SWITCHYARD-1059.)
    6. [F] Make operation and type attributes of <action> optional, in order to support default actions.
    7. [G] Provide default name ("service") for SwitchYardServiceChannel registration.
    8. [H] Finish <container> quickstart.
    9. [I] Get resource scanning to work again.
    10. [J] Fix TaskServerImpl dump on shutdown.
    11. [K] Fix race condition in BPMModelTests and RulesModelTests. (Work for SWITCHYARD-1222)
    12. [L] Update online docs.

    A. Done.
    B. Loggers is broken (ClassCastException) in Alpha6. Drools team is fixing it immediately for Alpha7.
    C. Done.
    D. Done.
    E. Done.
    F. Done.
    G. Done.
    H. Done.
    I. Done. From now on, this is only supported when using <container>s, not <resources>.
    J. This is being postponed, as it doesn't break anything.
    K. Done.
    L. Will be done after this jira is resolved.

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