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Classes in deployment module show an INFO warning when loaded by Weld



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    • 2016.10.0
    • 2016.12.1
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    • 2016-Dec-A
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      Add a @Vetoed to the classes in the deployment subpackage

      Add a @Vetoed to the classes in the deployment subpackage


      Explanation of deployment package:

      <bobmcw> if you put things in org.wildfly.swarm.flyway.deployment.* java package
      <bobmcw> they are "invisible" to the :api and :runtime bits, it's just a sidecar to stuff things
      <bobmcw> and they end up being known as org.wildfly.swarm.flyway:deployment module
      <bobmcw> so that's the one to @DeploymentModule(name="org.wildfly.swarm.flyway", slot="deployment")
      <bobmcw> to mix into the deployment

      I added a class that implements ServletContextListener under the org.wildfly.swarm.flyway.deployment package and got the following:

      <gastaldi> 2016-10-20 16:52:55,479 INFO  [org.jboss.weld.Bootstrap] (ForkJoinPool.commonPool-worker-3) WELD-000119: Not generating any bean definitions from org.wildfly.swarm.flyway.deployment.FlywayMigrationServletContextListener because of underlying class loading error: Type org.wildfly.swarm.flyway.deployment.FlywayMigrationServletContextListener from [Module "swarm.container:main" from BootModuleLoader@78b1cc93 for finders [BootstrapClasspathModuleFinder, BootstrapModuleFinder(org.wildfly.swarm.bootstrap:main), ClasspathModuleFinder, ContainerModuleFinder(swarm.container:main), ApplicationModuleFinder(swarm.application:main)]] not found.  If this is unexpected, enable DEBUG logging to see the full error.
      <bobmcw> that shouldn't be visible to :runtime stuff and our weld
      <gastaldi> the class was deployed as you said
      <bobmcw> I wonder if we've need more help on the fraction-plugin to exclude :deployment bits.
      <bobmcw> ah, the jandex'ing
      <bobmcw> I think
      <bobmcw> jandex indexes everything, but the class ultimately isn't loadable
      <bobmcw> ignorable for now
      <gastaldi> I added a @Vetoed to it
      <bobmcw> it's just an INFO (warning)
      <bobmcw> shouldn't have to do that, but yah, that's one way
      <bobmcw> gastaldi: wanna file a JIRA about that INFO warning?
      <bobmcw> we've discussed it but I keep forgetting to address it.




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