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Provide localized error messages and codes for Swarm exceptions


    • Type: Enhancement
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    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Done
    • Affects Version/s: 1.0.0.CR1
    • Fix Version/s: 2016.9
    • Component/s: core
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      <gastaldi> what if WFS used error codes for their specific exceptions, just like WF does? 
      <bobmcw> gastaldi: we should
      <bobmcw> and l10n also with response files or whatnot
      <gastaldi> +1
      <kenfinnigan> ugh, but agree
      <gastaldi> perhaps jamezp can help us setting that up? 
      <bobmcw> bonus points if it then provides a link/URL to stackoverflow with the exception message in it
      <gastaldi> bobmcw, that would be fantastic
      <bobmcw> I truly sorta hate the WF WhateverExceptionLogger.class
      * jamezp reads back
      <bobmcw> "where is this exception thrown?"
      * bobmcw greps WF21023
      <bobmcw> <nothing>
      <gastaldi> lol
      * bobmcw greps 21023 -> FantasticLogger
      <bobmcw> cmd-shift-F7 on the method
      * bobmcw finally finds where shit is thrown
      * bobmcw causes WildFly to throw exceptions routinely
      <bobmcw> dmlloyd: operation is null
      <bobmcw> worst. exception. ever.
      <bobmcw> maybe it's "operation step is null at address []"
      <bobmcw> nothing happened! at nowhere!  good luck!
      <jamezp> gastaldi: Are you just looking for localized messages?
      <bobmcw> WFS402: You Screwed Up
      <bobmcw> codes
      <kenfinnigan> and messages in general, as we don't have any
      <gastaldi> jamezp, as bobmcw said :)
      <jamezp> Ah so a reference to the messages then?
      <gastaldi> localized exception messages, yes 
      <bobmcw> as opposed to our current style of new RuntimeException("Dude, that sucks")
      <gastaldi> with a code that can be googled
      <gastaldi> bobmcw, lol, exactly
      * bobmcw has been enjoying RuntimeException a lot on WFS
      <jamezp> The logging tooling can handle that, but you have to use the WhateverExceptionLogger.class interface sort of stuff :)
      <bobmcw> ffs
      <bobmcw> g'night kids
      * bobmcw has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
      <gastaldi> haha
      <gastaldi> rage quit
      <jamezp> ha
      <jamezp> I think Bela wrote his own thing for JGroups.
      <gastaldi> interesting, what's the problem with the existing logging APIs ?
      <jamezp> For Bela he just didn't want to add another dependency.
      <gastaldi> makes sense
      <jamezp> I honestly don't know if other people have issues with it or not.
      <jamezp> We use it WildFly, WildFly Core, Undertow, Hibernate, Infinispan, etc.
      * gastaldi should have used it in Forge too :P
      <jamezp> :)
      <jamezp> It hasn't been in a release yet, but I did add an option to generate either an asciidoc or XML report for the messages too. here's an example https://gist.github.com/jamezp/5b0ba54362696ae69b37

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