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adding CDI fraction results in WARN messages in the log


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      When I add the CDI fraction to a project, 3 WARN messages appear in the log:

      • WARNING [ServiceLoader] (main) Could not load service class org.wildfly.swarm.cdi.config.deployment.InjectStageConfigExtension – this might be caused by the fact that the cdi-config fraction isn't added, but that's a perfectly normal situation, so this shouldn't be a warning (and possibly shouldn't be logged at all).
      • WARN [org.jboss.as.txn] (ServerService Thread Pool – 11) WFLYTX0013: Node identifier property is set to the default value. Please make sure it is unique. – the CDI fractions brings in transitively the Transactions fraction, which then produces this well-justified warning; my only objection would be to the fact that Transactions are brought in automatically, but I guess that will be solved by the Weld subsystem split.
      • WARN [org.jboss.as.dependency.private] (MSC service thread 1-4) WFLYSRV0018: Deployment "deployment.cdi-servlet.war" is using a private module ("org.jboss.jts:main") which may be changed or removed in future versions without notice. – totally not sure why the deployment would depend on a private module, this doesn't happen with WildFly.

      Steps to reproduce:

      git clone https://github.com/Ladicek/swarm-tinies.git
      cd swarm-tinies/javaee/cdi-servlet
      mvn clean package
      java -jar target/cdi-servlet-swarm.jar

      To see that this is really caused just by including the CDI fraction, go to the javaee/servlet directory and repeat the mvn + java -jar steps from there. In fact, just adding the CDI fraction dependency into the javaee/servlet/pom.xml is enough to trigger these warnings, CDI doesn't even have to be used in the app.

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