Chapter 2. Installation

      • "seam-solder.jar" should be solder-impl.jar (and perhaps solder-api.jar and solder-logging.jar if required?)
      • "Seam JMS has an optional dependency on Seam Servlet, for application loading capabilities: * seam-servlet.jar" servlet part of solder now.

      3.2. Module Extensions

      • "Extending JmsConnectionFactoryProducer to bootstrap a SE compliant JMS container will be provided out of the box in the next release, supporting HornetQ, OpenMQ and ActiveMQ. " isn't 3.1.0 the "next release"?

      4.3 Durable Messaging Capabilities

      • "This API is still experimental, and will be tested further in Beta2. " this note doesn't make sense for 3.1.0.Final

      5.1.1. Routes

      • the "interface Route" has more methods than just the two. (not necessary to list them all, but at least all of those that are used in the code listings below should be there, but it should be made clear, e.g. by ellipsis, that there are also other methods)

      5.1.2. @EventRouting

      • should this be merged into previous section?

      Missing pieces

      • It would perhaps be helpful to see how can one change Connection Factory JNDI location to other value than /ConnectionFactory ? (using Solder XML config would be most helpful)
      • program listing roles should be "JAVA", not "Java"

        Gliffy Diagrams




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