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      I want to open a discussion about the JBoss Tools integration. The baseline of this integration is the Forge Console currently available in the JBoss Tools SVN repository. Evidently a whole bunch of improvements and additional features need to be implemented. I would be good if all the ideas around this could be gathered in this issue and result in new tasks.

      I'll start off myself by giving a list of functionality that I think should be included.

      (1) normally, pressing the tab character should result in Forge suggesting the list of possible commands; this is not working currently

      (2) the usual colors you get when running Forge from the command line result in garbled output in the Eclipse Forge console; we need to find a way of getting this functionality up and running in Eclipse

      (3) after performing each Forge command, appropriate actions need to be performed and feedback needs to be given to the user; this feedback will be highly dependent on the particular command;
      (a) e.g. after creating a project the project should be imported in the workspace
      (b) e.g. after creating an entity, the created containing folder needs to be refreshed and the file opened
      (c) e.g. after creating a field, the field needs to be selected in the open editor

      (4) imo, it doesn't make sense to perform Forge commands outside the Eclipse workspace; therefore, i think it should be made impossible to cd out of the workspace folder; similarly, a pwd command should probably be rooted in the workspace root.

      (5) at this time the Forge runtime is embedded in the plugin; while it is not necessarily a bad idea to continue to ship a runtime in an Eclipse plugin, it's probably wise to offer the users a way to add additional runtimes by means of a preference page and evidently provide a way to select the default Forge runtime; this is similar to the way you select a default JVM for an Eclipse workspace.

      (6) use a preference page to add Forge plugin repositories

      (7) maintain the command history; currently the upward arrow just moves the cursor upward in the console viewer.


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