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@LoggedIn and @LoginView handler in conflict with navigation rule for identity.logout


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    • Affects Version/s: 3.1.0.Final
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      Seam 3.1.0 Final + TomEE 1b2


      I have the following logout link:

      <h:commandLink value="Logout" action="#


      and the following navigation rule:






      In view config the pages where the logout link is displayed are annotated like e.g. home.xhtml


      When I click on the logout link it seems that the redirection to the login view is fired by the @LoggedIn handler AND NOT by the navigation rule. This causes the PreLoginEvent to be fired and the URL gets stored.
      After relogin I get the page from before logout reestablished like it should be in case of a session timeout etc.

      In case of a normal logout this should not happen which requires that the URL does not get stored.

      My current workaround removes the URL in a (second) observer. Up to now it gets executed after the one in the LoginListener that puts the URL in the map (maybe other login events are more adequate):

      public void onBeforeLogin(@Observes PreLoginEvent preLoginEvent)

      { String PRE_LOGIN_URL = LoginListener.class.getName() + "_PRE_LOGIN_URL"; facesContext.getExternalContext().getSessionMap().remove(PRE_LOGIN_URL); }

      Conclusion: @LoggedIn should not be checked in case of normal logout (identity.logout action)

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